Aircraft Finance

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Asset Selection and Due Diligences

At AIRBRAND, we identify the right private jet, at its best life cycle, matching the your requirement, in order to optimise the investment; by assessing the aircraft technical exposure for the next 60 months.

Aircraft Financing

AIRBRAND capital will structure an exclusive operational capital lease agreement, typically over a 60 months term.

Aircraft Operations

We will register the aircraft under the AIRBRAND Air Operator Certificate, to provide a charter management program.

AIRBRAND Capital Lease

The AIRBRAND lease provides financing for up to 60% of the cost of a private aircraft. Once the lease has been paid in full, the aircraft title will pass from us at AIRBRAND to you. You will be expected to provide an initial down payment towards the acquisition cost of the aircraft, which is typically 40% of the total aircraft cost, and we will provide a finance lease to cover the remaining balance of the acquisition cost. The term of the finance lease is typically five years.

Advantages of Capital Leases

Benefits of Ownership

Complete flexibility when scheduling usage on an ad-hoc short-notice basis.
– Tax benefits which are associated with depreciation.
– Reduced operating costs- through the generation of charter revenue.
– Professional piloting and maintenance oversight, through the use of the AIRBRAND management charter program.
– Opportunities for appreciation in the value of the aircraft.

Allocation of Capital

Up to 60% of the cost of the aircraft may be funded by AIRBRAND under the Capital lease structure. All you have to fund is the security deposit, and operational security deposit at closing.

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