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Our team of experts are on standby to assist private jet owners in learning the ropes on how to operate a successful private jet operation whether the operation is entirely privatised or operates on a charter basis. The benefits that we offer you below are optional, however we will at every stage share our knowledge and experienced gained through 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. Our ultimate goal remains to ensure the success of your investment in private jet utilisation.

Why use a private jet management company?


With a properly rated and trained crew, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and safety management systems (SMS) in place, the right management company will ensure your aircraft is being operated under the highest safety standards. When choosing a company to partner with, it is essential to get a good feel of their safety culture. Diving deep into the nitty-gritty, to really get a feel of how they conduct themselves and do business, before handing over the keys to your aircraft.


Civil Aviation Authorities dictate the legal ways to use and maintain aircraft. Trying to read, understand and remain up-to-date with these regulations can be very cumbersome and confusing. An experienced management company understands the myriad of regulations, and will ensure that your aircraft is never in violation and is always operated in compliance with these regulations.


The maintenance department consists of highly qualified aircraft maintenance engineers and planners, who have extensive experience working on Bombardier, Gulfstream, Dassault, Airbus, Boeing, Cessna and Embraer aircraft. The team will implement and supervise your private jet maintenance programs, to ensure that the jet and her equipment are in proper working conditions at all times, for example, assistance in the case of breakdowns, equipment failures, damage, etc.

Cost Savings:

Management companies have the right office infrastructures, personnel and aviation software already in place. You will benefit from the management company’s network of vendors, most often obtaining better financial conditions on parts, insurance, crew training, fuel, hangar facilities etc. By partnering with us at AIRBRAND, you’ll have access to a host of managers who can handle the negotiations on your behalf.

Flight Crew:

Management companies will coordinate the recruitment of flight crew, ensuring that they have the necessary experience and level of professionalism. The management company will coordinate the respective duties of your pilots to ensure that you are always in conformity with current regulations. They will also coordinate all pilot training required at the right price.

Flight Dispatch:

Management companies will provide full dispatch support. In other words, pre-flight, coordinate fuelling, taking the aircraft out of the hangar and having the aircraft ready to GO! All that is expected of you is to show up, get on board the aircraft, and head on your way. This equates to time savings for you.

Caring for your Aircraft:

One aspect which is important to the resale value are the aesthetics of the aircraft. Leave the aircraft cleaning and detailing up to the management company. Keeping the aircraft clean on a consistent basis prevents exhaust fumes from becoming part of the paint, or ink marks and coffee spills becoming a permanent part of the interior. With a proper upkeep, cleaning of the exterior and interior, the life of the exterior paint and interior carpet can be extended, effectively creating savings to the owner.

Generating Revenue: 

Having your aircraft managed on an operator air certificate, which has a charter sales department, will allow you to generate revenue when your aircraft is idle. This is a sensible way of reducing ownership costs and a creative way of putting money back in your pocket.

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