Charter Management Program

Why use our charter management program?

Often, private jet owners find that they may not be able to fly as much as they may have originally planned, resulting in their jet sitting unused.

If this is the case, you might want to consider the potential of utilising those unused days and offering your jet for charter in the location of your choice. This charter business plan may potentially offset part of your annual maintenance cost, and may also help with recovering part of the cost of the crew’s salary expense.

If your private jet purchase fits into the dynamics of earning revenue in the charter industry, we invite you to join our charter fleet, to begin benefiting from bookings for your private jet. Our experienced charter management team will assist and guide you on how to operate as a high-end private charter jet maximising your charter income.

Once you have made your decision to charter your private jet, we will immediately shift into high gear, and advertise your private jet within the network of clients on our charter database; whilst our in-house charter agents will focus on booking retail charters aboard your private jet.

We also advertise and market to all industry brokers via printed and online brochures, which are readily available, along with crew profile information, live date availability and any other necessary booking details that are vital to guarantee the booking of private jet charter flights.

AirBrand will market your private jet to two types of clientele:

Retail/luxury Charter Agents

Charter agents will contact us directly requesting information on crew nationality, special services on board the aircraft, food & beverage menus, charter rates and availability. We will handle all contracts, booking details, deposits, and guest preferences; to ensure a smooth booking process.

Direct Clientele

Our exclusive charter management program offers an owner unlimited access to his private jet and allows an owner to outfit his private jet to suit his taste. Our charter program is tailor-made for owners who wish to see their private jet set up in accordance to their own lifestyle requirements.

Additional Programme Benefits

You can choose the equipment which suits the dynamics of your family and friends, while still offering your private jet to the charter market. Our program is a flexible one with various options. You shall have the right and comfort of using your private jet at any time, and enjoy the high-end services which we offer in the same way a guest would, whilst chartering your private jet.

Ready to join our Charter Management Program?